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Massimo Gullone and Salvatore Cosentino.

Ms Artrix Design: Made in Italy

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The MS Artrix studio opened in Aosta in 1995. The entrepreneur Massimo Gullone made his dream of building custom bikes come true with the friendship and creativity of Salvatore Cosentino. Before their meeting Massimo carried out repair work and paint jobs in his workshop, while Salvatore, after graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, perfected his airbrushing technique. After they met, the idea of a partner-ship, which brought together their skills, seemed a natural step to take and so they set up their business specializing in airbrushing, the first of its kind in Valle d’Aosta.

Massimo took care of repairs and gritty, unusual paint jobs while Salvatore dedicated his time to creating and reproducing hyperrealist, figurative subjects and decorative designs.
The studio is currently working with several dealers in Italy and abroad thanks to its skills and high level of work carried out, not only airbrushing but also building Harley Davidson SPECIAL and single motorcycles and parts.

These bikes are handmade by experts combining the best of American twin engines, with the quality and style of Italian design.

Striving for perfect finishes, the ever-varied combination of colours and graphics, mechanical knowledge at the highest level, make these bikes single, limited pieces. These motorcycles are built the same way as tailored suits: the customer’s measurements are taken to develop handcrafted chassis and riding frames and once the customer’s tastes in design and colour are understood bike building begins.

MSARTRIX has been very successful over the past few years creating bikes for television personalities, Italian fashion entrepreneurs and football players.

In 2013, the owner, Massimo Gullone was awarded the title of “MASTER BIKE BUILDER level 2”, the highest level in the world, delivered personally by the President of the International Master BIKE BUILDERS Association. Only 26 people worldwide hold this title.

The most rewarding and fulfilling thing for the entrepreneur Massimo Gullone is the unique, special sensation that customers experience when it is time to deliver the bike and the unveiling ritual takes place: up until this moment the buyer is in the dark about the final result!


Località Tzamberlet, 11/D – 11020 Gressan (AO) Italy

Ms Artrix

Ms Artrix
Località Tzamberlet, 11/D
11020 Gressan (AO) Italia